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A project update

Progress has been a little bit slow on my project over the last few weeks. I came to a stand still over a few technique problems that I have been having. I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of them. Despite getting hold of a webcam fairly easily to record the video part of my project it has been much more difficult to begin the process of recording the footage. It was very easy to record a test with no sound and save it on my computer. However then came the realisation that in order to include it in my Captivate project I would have to change the file format from WMV to AVI! I am no technology wiz so this completely stumped me. However thanks to our wonderful resident IT expert who found a program that converts files from WMV to AVI  on the internet which is free to download I was able to convert the file into a format that Captivate could recognise. The site that we downloaded it from is www.freewarezoom.com/archives/free-wmv-avi-mpeg-converter .

So once I had a video file in the correct format my next challenge was to find out how to add it to the Captivate project. Once again I was rescued from going round in circles by our IT expert who explained that you have to add the video as an animation. I also discovered for myself that if you want to record just one video for the whole project, rather than a video for each slide, you just need to add the animation to your first slide and then choose the option for the animation to play for the whole project.

I was excited because I thought I could finally start to move forward with the project so I booked a room at the Said Business School ready to make my first attempt at recording the actual video. However I quickly realised that the sound from the external microphone I was using wasn’t being picked up and recorded as part of the webcam video. So here I am ground to a holt again but with our resident expert on the case it shouldn’t be too long before I can record the video with sound!! I am currently on the hunt for a good desktop microphone as using a headset microphone didn’t look very professional. I also found some very useful information from the links in Laura ’s post on her Law library trainee project blog relating to screen capturing (http://lawbodtraineeproject.wordpress.com/ ). Hopefully my next post will tell you how I have completed my first video guide.

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23 Things Oxford

For those of you who fancy brushing up your web 2.0 skills here is an interesting idea.  This blog invites you to do 23 things over 12 weeks, starting on 18th January.  The ‘things’ include setting up an iGoogle page, and also using Flickr and Piknik to play with photos.  Furthermore, and I quote, ‘Staff who complete all 23 Things by 9th April will receive a completion certificate and a £10 voucher for Amazon or iTunes.’

The 23 things average out a 2 activities per week which seem like nice bitesize chunks to digest.  Full info on the 23 Things can be found on the blog: http://23thingsoxford.blogspot.com/

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