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On 7th July, the graduate trainees presented their projects to their supervisors and those who have run training sessions during the year.

This year we had a total of 16 presentations – more than in previous years – on a wide range of subjects, from producing video guides to reclassifying theses, examining customer service and improving user education. Kerry Webb and Clare Jarvis also spoke about the trainee programme this year.

The day was a chance to find out what each of the trainees has been doing for their project, meet other supervisors and, of course, gain valuable practice at giving presentations!

The showcase demonstrated just how varied roles in libraries and archives can be and gave us a glimpse of the breath of skills that a career in libraries and archives requires.

If you would like to see some trainee PowerPoint slideshows and handouts they are available on Slideshare.net.  Laura W’s Prezi is also available to view on Prezi.com.

A big thanks to everyone involved for making it an interesting and enjoyable event!

Laura, Laurel and Alice

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