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Bodleian Libraries' Lessons and Carols, 16/12/10Trainees doing extra-curricular things!  In this blurry image, you can just about make out me on the far left and Emma on the far right, singing at the very well-attended carol service in the Divinity School on 16th December 2010.  (We were invited to dress festively!)

Some of the carols are up on YouTube, including this one, written by the Bodleian’s Paul Nash.

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A couple of weeks ago at the start of December, Helen and I were given the very important task of decorating the library for Christmas.  The beginning of December normally seems extremely early for Christmas decorations and is usually the time reserve for those eager Christmas obsessives however the very short terms at Oxford mean that Christmas must start at the end of November.   We put up a Christmas tree in the main reading room and a colleague of ours, Ron was in charge of putting up the festive CD decorations.

Excuse the silly poses, we were getting into the festive spirit and feeling overcome with joy thanks to a tinsel filled afternoon.

So that’s the Bodleian Law Library decorated for Christmas.  It’s nice to make the library look a bit festive around this time of year and decorating it early in time for 8th week was a good way of keeping those spirits up in the hectic close of term.   We ran a guess how many decorations on the Christmas tree competition with great success and lots of entries were received.  I had the fun task of counting the decorations as we put them up on the tree, numbers are not my strong point but I managed to keep track somehow.  In case you’re wondering, there were 42 decorations on our tree this year!  To make Christmas at the library even more of an event we held a shelf slip raffle at the end of 8th week. What’s a shelf slip raffle I hear you ask? Well everyone who is good enough to use a shelf slip to indicate that they’ve taken a book from a shelf was entered into a prize draw.  Shelf slips were collected and placed in a box, then drawn out and the winning names received some Amazon vouchers!

It certainly makes the library seem like a more festive place this close to Christmas and our readers seem to like the tree.  We are interested to hear festive tales from other Oxford libraries so feel free to share your thoughts.

Happy Christmas from Team Law ( aka Helen and Laura!)

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