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My supervisor sent me a link to this article in the Times Higher Education Supplement about the present and future of academic librarians.  It’s interesting food for thought, and might also be useful for those with interviews coming up!

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I thought I would write a blog about an interesting piece of free software that I was made aware of on the Podcasting course at OUCS. I also went on the Introduction to Podcasting course although on a different day. Whilst on the course I was also told about a free piece of software called ScreenToaster (http://www.screentoaster.com).Despite the slightly strange name it appears to be extremely useful tool for helping readers improve their information literacy.

Through their website you can produce demonstrations on how to use anything from SOLO to renewing books remotely. Basically it uses screen capturing to allow you to precisely record every action needed to do a particular computer based task. All you have to do is register for free on their website and follow the instructions. There are also useful newsfeeds and forum messages which give some very detailed and useful information on how to make the most of Screen toaster. You will need to be precise about where you move the curser etc as it will record absolutely everything that you do whilst recording.  You can also add sound to accompany the screen movements you have captured to explain things further.

It seems to me that this could be an excellent way to help readers who are visual learners and those readers who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia more than traditional text based guides would. I think that this could then be downloaded on to multimedia mobile phones so that students could access it anytime and anywhere.

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